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SCP-3883 | Dildos Have Dreams Too - SCP | Secure. Contain ...

SCP-3883 is a green tentacle-shaped silicone dildo measuring 16.5 cm in length. Two anomalous properties are associated with SCP-3883: the first effect manifests when SCP-3883 is placed in front of a reflective surface, while the second effect manifests when a human individual enters REM sleep 1 within a 1.5 meter radius of the object.

SCP-3883: Dildos Have Dreams Too - YouTube

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Oversimplified SCP Chapter 83 - SCP-3883: Dildos Have Dreams ...

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SCP 3883 - Dildos Have Dreams Too | SCP Un[REDACTED] on Patreon

0:00. Mar 21, 2021 at 5:24 PM. SCP 3883 - Dildos Have Dreams Too. I was done for the day. Then I recorded this one and had to see it through. SCP 3883 located here. Credit to original author sly161. SCP Un [REDACTED] released this post 10 days early for patrons.


Scp Secure Contain Protect Scp 3883 Dildos Have Dreams Too. Scp 재단 만화 Scp 3883 딜도도 꿈이 있다 유머 게시판 루리웹 ...

SCP-3883 - Fondation SCP

SCP-3883 est un godemiché vert en forme de tentacule mesurant 16,5 cm de long. SCP-3883 après sa récupération. Procédures de Confinement Spéciales : SCP-3883 doit être conservé dans un casier sécurisé standard au Site-16. L'accès à SCP-3883 nécessite une autorisation de Niveau-2 ou plus.

SCP-2521 | Villains Wiki | Fandom

Two experiments have been made for SCP-2521 so far. In the Experiment 2521-A, a D-class personnel was placed inside a room alone. He was demanded to look at the chart and images describing SCP-2521 before writing it in texture form. After the D-Class personnel finished it, SCP-2521 appeared in the room and showed fondness at the images.